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Dermatology (Skin) Clinic

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Dermatology (Skin) Clinic

Medstar Clinic is proud to host a Dermatological Centre of Excellence. With many options for medical skin care available, our specialist dermatologist team leads the way in advanced management and treatment.

Our Dermatology service is led by a team of experienced specialists who cover the whole breadth of this complex speciality. Whether for medical, surgical, or cosmetic care, our consultants provide expert guidance on the best treatments for your specific needs. Our London dermatologists use their extensive experience and clinical knowledge to optimise your bespoke care. We understand the distressing nature of skin conditions and work to simultaneously minimise symptoms and improve your quality of life.

All our consultant dermatologists are experts in their specific fields and all cover common conditions such as eczema, moles, and acne up to complex conditions such as facial cancers, scar revisions and more.


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