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Prior to & During Your Visit

Prior to Your Visit

When you are attending the clinic, you will need to bring a list of your current medications, including that of prescribed medicines, over-the-counter medicines, vitamin supplements, and any herbal remedies you may be taking. Any medical records and letters at hand will also aid us in getting to know you better and delivering the appropriate care you require.

Please make all clinical staff aware of any allergies that you have at present or have had in the past.

During Your Visit

On arrival, you will be greeted and looked after by our polite and attentive staff in our clean and comfortable facilities. You will be greeted by our reception team and will be introduced to your Health Care Assistant, who will work alongside the medical team to look after your needs and ensure that you are comfortable.

Our friendly reception staff will confirm payment arrangements and help with any non-clinical queries you may have. A member of our medical team will have a brief conversation with you, so we are aware of all relevant history relating to your health. You will then be looked after by one of our nurses, who will help prepare you for your consultation or procedure.


Medstar Clinic is committed to providing a safe, comfortable environment, where patients and staff can be confident that best practice is followed at all times. The safety of everyone is of paramount importance. There is a safeguarding officer and safeguarding procedures in place for adults and children at Medstar Clinic.


We offer chaperones for patients examined or treated at Medstar Clinic. If you would feel more comfortable having a chaperone with you during your medical consultations or treatments, please let us know either before or during your visit, so this can be arranged.

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