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Some diseases require home treatment and care, and it is possible with home and hotel services in London. Medstar Clinic aims to provide the best home and hotel services for bedridden patients.

Medstar Health Clinic in London provides home and hotel health care services to all our patients who need help in the city.

Home treatment methods, especially seen in elderly, disabled, and severely ill patients who cannot go to the hospital, ensure that the patient receives the best treatment without tiring their body.

You can make an appointment for home patient care and benefit from the home health care service provided by Medstar expert specialists and doctors at any time of the day.

What is a Home & Hotel Visit Service?

Hospitals can be very tiring. At the same time, it may not be possible to treat every patient in a hospital. Some treatment processes take a long time and require certain tests, resulting in a lengthy waiting period for the results.

As Medstar London Health Clinic, we treat our patients in the comfort of their own homes with the home and hotel visit service we offer in London and perform all the necessary procedures for their treatment.

We bring all the professional equipment in the hospital to your home and perform a hospital-quality ultrasound scan and check-up. We can treat our patients not only at home but also in public accommodations such as hotels.

Patients with pressure ulcers, particularly elderly patients, should receive treatment at home. Treating patients with pressure ulcers at home can lead to a more effective and healthy treatment process.

Medstar private health institution in London home and hotel service administers the treatment that patients need at home, manages the process just like it does in the hospital, and strives for patients to regain their health.

You can make an appointment for home and hotel service in London by clicking the make an appointment button and ensuring that your patient's treatment processes continue at home.

Who Requires Home and Hotel Visit Services?

Patients can receive the home treatment service in the comfort of their own homes. In this way, the patient or his relatives do not need to go to the clinic regularly.

It is a system that can be preferred, especially by amputated, bedridden, or very old patients. At the same time, patients with open wounds who have difficulty walking or standing up can also prefer this service.

Many patients prefer to be treated at home without sacrificing their comfort. Expert Medstar healthcare professionals carry out the treatment using professional equipment.

home treatment service London is necessary, particularly for diseases that require dressing or regular care. By offering the best treatment in the patient's own home or in the hotel, their body can receive care without experiencing additional fatigue or exhaustion.

London Home and Hotel Visit Service

In our London home treatment service, we provide expert care to our patients within the city limits. We apply our special treatment methods to people who need home care and treatment.

In addition to our one-time visit, we also give treatment to patients who need regular care or medical control within a certain period of time.

We perform health checks by applying the special treatment methods that each of our patients needs and applying the necessary procedures at Medstar, the best clinic in London.

During our visit with the appointment system, you can make your appointment within the time period you are available and host the Medstar experts at your home.

What Does the Home and Hotel Visit in London Service Include?

Our home visit service offers treatment for various conditions such as colds and flu, chest infections, tonsillitis, urinary or kidney infections, and skin rashes. If you have a medical emergency, it is better to call 911.

Treatment and controls in the home and hotel visit service are carried out specifically for each patient. Upon scheduling an appointment, our Medstar London best health clinic team will visit the specified address to conduct an on-site examination of the patient.

Once the healthcare team determines the necessary tests and treatments for the patient, they initiate the application process.

The tests that Medstar home & hotel visit service mainly include are as follows:

Vital observation

The first thing to do in home and hotel service controls is to check vital signs, which are the basic functions of the body. 

For example, healthcare professionals check if signs such as body temperature, pulse rate, or respiration rate are abnormal. Treatment continues according to the results.


After checking the vital signs, we apply consultations based on the results. At this stage, the healthcare provider determines which treatment to continue or which tests to perform on the patient.

Healthcare professionals provide advice to enhance the patient's quality of life in daily activities, and subsequently, they proceed with conducting tests. It is aimed at correcting and improving the abnormal body values determined by the patient.

Blood test

In health checks, blood tests are among the most common health checks. Healthcare professionals take a blood sample from the patient's body to perform the test. 

It plays an important role in determining the diseases that occur in cases where the patient's blood values decrease or increase.

Ultrasound scan

An ultrasound scan is a photograph of body parts. It is an important step in examining certain parts of the body or organs. Scans enable the detection of diseases in the patient's body, the management of treatment processes, and the recording of developments in ongoing treatments.


An electrocardiogram, also known as an ECG, primarily checks a patient's heart rhythm and activity. The results obtained from the heart rhythm can detect possible diseases or reveal symptoms of new diseases.

ECG, which is a procedure that is generally applied in home and hotel visit services, is an application that is especially recommended for heart patients.

When you schedule an appointment, our doctors provide comprehensive home visits for you to get comprehensive diagnostic tests done right in the comfort of your own home.

These include a general examination, blood pressure and pulse monitoring, urine analysis, blood tests, ultrasound, glucose monitor, pulse oximeter, and an ECG and digital stethoscope for a comprehensive evaluation of your heart health.

If you are wondering about “home and hotel treatment service in London near me," Medstar is here to provide you with the best home treatment service in London.

Getting a Home and Hotel Visit Service in London

Medstar Private London Health Clinic is the choice of those who want to get professional home and hotel service in London! By contacting us, you can give us your address and get support from our expert team, wherever you are in London.

We offer our services by appointment; you can call us or download our app and get a 10% discount to make an appointment and have our expert team send it to your address. The Medstar app is available both on Apple Store and Google Play Store.

As Medstar Health Clinic in London, we are ready to provide all kinds of healthcare services to you and your relatives with our full professional equipment. 

Experience a GP within hours at home, hotel, or office, with follow-up sessions at clinic or phone, and receive prescriptions or sick notes as needed. We are one phone call away from providing you with the best home treatment service in London!

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