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6 MIN READ - June 11, 2024
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Doctors still recommend circumcision, a surgical procedure that dates back to the Pharaohs of Egypt and later the monotheistic religions. You may be wondering about "the best circumcision clinic in London" for a secure procedure.

Estimates suggest that circumcision is a common practice globally, accounting for 37–39% of males. However, the ratio of circumcisions differs from region to region according to religious, cultural, and personal reasons.

First of all, before any appointments are made, the person who will be circumcised is checked by a medical professional in terms of his suitability for circumcision

Some people cannot perform circumcision due to hereditary reasons, while others require it for health reasons. For instance, some people may retract their foreskin or attach it to the penis.

Additionally, urinary tract infections and infections between the penis glans and the foreskin may postpone the circumcision procedure. The healthcare specialist must identify these before surgery.

A team specializing in this field meticulously makes these determinations at the Medstar Private Health Clinic in LondonMedstar is known as the best clinic for circumcision in London, which you can trust for your health.

What is Circumcision, and What Does the Procedure Involve?

Circumcision is a medical procedure that involves removing the foreskin, which is the excess skin that covers the glans of the penis. Compared to many other operations, the process of circumcision takes a relatively short time.

Even though the duration may differ according to age, technique, and health conditions of the patient, for newborns and infants, it takes approximately 15–30 minutes, while for older children, adolescents, or adults, the length can range from 30 minutes to an hour or longer. 

This difference can be due to larger genitalia, health problems, or other possible complications that older people may experience.

The circumcision procedure is not very different from other medical operations. The first step is client preparation. This involves carefully placing the patient on the operation table, sanitizing and sterilizing the genital area, and numbing the area with general or local anesthesia.

After the genitalia are numbed and the patient feels comfortable, the operation is performed according to the chosen technique. 

If needed, the surgeon stitches the incision after removing the foreskin. It is a good time to point out that not all techniques or wounds require stitching.

The time it takes to recover after the circumcision operation, again, differs for each individual depending on the client’s age, health condition, preferred technique, and commitment to the healing process. 

While the recovery generally takes around one week to 10 days for newborns and infants, it takes a relatively longer time in direct proportion to the individual’s age. In order to have a faster and safer healing process, it is crucial to follow the guidelines of the surgeon. 

Generally, instructions for individuals undergoing surgery include keeping the genital area dry and clean, avoiding physically demanding activities, using prescribed medication, and refraining from sexual activities until the wound heals.

Is Circumcision a Common Practice, or Is It Performed for Specific Medical Reasons?

Globally, male circumcision is a common practice for different reasons, such as culture, religion, medical reasons, or personal preference. However, in certain parts of the world, it is way more common, or even the standard, to get circumcised. 

Circumcision is one of the primary rituals in Judaism, perceived as a significant covenant between God and the Jewish people. Every male should undergo circumcision, as stated clearly in the holy book of Judaism, the Tanakh.

However, the Quran does not explicitly mention circumcision in Islam; instead, it is considered a Sunnah (practice) of Prophet Mohammad. This means that male circumcision is a way of belonging to the Muslim community, as well as a part of Islamic hygiene and cleanliness. 

However, it is not a common practice in Christian communities, as circumcision is not religiously required. Apart from cultural and religious reasons, some people prefer having an operation for medical and health considerations. 

Over the years, there have been studies showing that circumcised males have a lower risk of getting sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV. Urinary tract infections and penile cancer are also more common among uncircumcised men.

If you have health problems as a male and are in search of a Men’s Health and Urology Clinic in London, Medstar London is the expert private health service clinic. Our doctors carefully assess your needs and devise a treatment plan accordingly.

At What Age is Circumcision Typically Performed?

Different cultures, religions, and even different regions perform circumcision at varying ages. Religiously, Jewish people circumcise their male infants when they are newborns, specifically on the eighth day of their lives.

In Islam, there is no specific day or age for circumcision, but it is common to perform the operation during childhood. Every family can decide on the age of the procedure in accordance with their cultural and denominational practices.

It is possible to undergo the circumcision operation as an adult or during adolescence as well, mainly because of medical reasons, religious conversion, or personal preferences. It is important to keep in mind that the operation and recovery process can take longer due to old age.

Where to Get Circumcised in London?

Several healthcare institutions in London, such as Medstar London Private Health Service Clinic, offer circumcision services due to the city's diverse population, which includes people from all over the world with various traditions and religions.

Urologists and surgeons often perform circumcisions in hospitals or other specialized medical facilities. There are also private clinics and healthcare facilities in London that provide circumcision services. 

If the procedure is religious, it is preferable to consult your general practitioner (GP) and/or religious institutions before deciding where to have the operation.

You can easily benefit from Medstar Private GP Services in London, which is an excellent step for your health. Our specialists at Medstar London Best Health Clinic are experts in their field and offer the best treatment plans according to your goals and needs.

What is the Best Clinic for Circumcision in London?

There are numerous health clinics in London, and there are so many criteria to evaluate each of them. Still, we can say that the most important criteria that a medical clinic needs to meet are hygiene and sterilization practices, as well as qualified and experienced surgeons. 

In this regard, Medstar is the best circumcision clinic in London. With its professional healthcare providers, Medstar offers a safe and comfortable medical process. 

Medstar London Health Clinic provides personal care to patients before and after surgery, and is ready to assist and consult with them in any situation. 

You have the option to book an appointment over the phone, through the Medstar website, or through the Medstar app, which is available on the Google Play Store and App Store.

At Medstar London Private Health Clinic, you can get the best care and treatment for your various needs. Take the initial step towards your health and contact us today!


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